Finland (.fi)


  • Primary ccTLD: .fi
  • Secondary ccTLD:
  • Restrictions: Companies and individuals
  • Registrar: mrdomain
  • Price Range/Year: 35-$135
  • Other Registrars: XDnet, EuroDNS

Purchasing a ccTLD for Finland

For brands aiming to expand into foreign markets, purchasing a foreign country code top level domain (ccTLD) can go a long way towards reaching those goals. When it comes to buying a ccTLD in Finland, this resource can help simplify the registration of your new ccTLD.

Why purchase a foreign ccTLD?

One of the greatest benefits of promoting a business online is that companies are never restricted to reaching their customers in their region or country of origin. Regarding international SEO, one of the best strategies to employ in order to tap into these markets is to purchase one or several ccTLDs.


At its core, international SEO is all about providing the most value to users based on their specific location. While a generic top level domain (gTLD; i.e., .com, .org, .edu, etc.)  may be fine to reach a broad spectrum of users, a ccTLD is typically intended for users within a target region/country. In general, a ccTLD is a strong signal for users living in that ccTLD’s country/region.


Purchasing a ccTLD can be a complicated process without having the necessary information, so here’s what you should know about acquiring a ccTLD for Finland.

Primary & Secondary ccTLDs for Finland

Countries can sometimes have multiple ccTLDs available, and there are times where you may want to purchase all or just one. Typically, there’s at least one primary ccTLD you’ll want to prioritize purchasing and a handful of secondary choices to consider. For Finland, there are both primary and secondary ccTLDs to consider. *


For Finland, there is only one primary ccTLD to purchase. **


Primary: .fi



Registrar for Finland ccTLDs

In any given country, there can be one or more registrar service providers to go through in order to purchase a ccTLD.


Registrar(s): mrdomain

Other Registrar(s): XDnet, EuroDNS

Cost for a FinlandccTLD

Pricing can vary wildly from country to country and even across registrars. Although not precise, here’s an idea of what costs may look like for a Finland ccTLD per year:


Finland ccTLD Cost: 35-$135


Restrictions for Finland ccTLD Purchasing

Buying a foreign ccTLD will probably, although not always, come with a specific set of restrictions or challenges. Some constraints may overlap across countries, but there are some cases where there are no restrictions.


For Finland Companies and individuals. *


For Finland there are no restrictions when buying a ccTLD. **